Gili Trawangan Is Not Bali!

“I want to visit Gili Trawangan in Bali”, “I love Bali because of its Gili Trawangan”, “Hey, you have to visit Bali, there is a place called Gili Trawangan”

Known for its exotic attractions, Gili Trawangan became so famous in travelers’ ear. However, many of them think that Gili Trawangan is in Bali. If you have one of those thoughts about Gili trawangan above, you are absolutely wrong! Because Gili Trawangan is part of Lombok island not Bali island. Well, you just got new information about this wonderful destination in Lombok, so let’s get to know it more! And here are four things about it that we conclude for you!

1. Majestic mirror beach and sunset view

Mostly, people who travel to Gili Trawangan stayed more than one day. During your visitation in this island you can travel the island by bicycle or e-bike that you can rent starting from IDR 25.000 a day. In less than an hour you can circle the island. The most appropriate time to bike around the island is near 6 to 8 am and 5 to 7 pm so you can prove it yourself why people always say that the sunset and the sunrise view in Gili Trawangan is so “majestic”. The orange sky meets the mirror beach along with the sunset looks so dramatic that every single picture you take will look good.

2. Amazing underwater view

If you plan to visit Gili Trawangan, you better list everything that you want to do. Two of the activities that you should not miss are scuba diving and snorkeling. During your arrival to this island, on the boat, you must be able to see the crystal clear water, so clear till you can see the bottom of the sea. Diving here, you can easily find unique fish like clown fish, sea turtles, whale sharks, and colorful reefs that will take your burden away.

3. Pollution free

This island is a match for those who are looking for a good environmental destination because Gili Trawangan is regulated with no car and motorcycle regulations. For transportations, you can use a bicycle or e-bike or cidomo (an equestrian vehicle). Not only that, Gili Trawangan also became one of the conservation spots, so the environment is well preserved.

4. Lots of homestay options

There are plenty of homestay choices for travelers ranging from budget friendly to luxury homestays. Most of the homestays are located close to the beach, so you can directly see the beach view from the window. If budget is not your problem, there are so many villas that you can choose with high class facilities such as restaurants, snorkeling equipment, glamping equipment, etc. However, if you need to save money you can choose a more affordable homestay which is a little bit inside the island but still very close to the beach and offers you very good facilities like pool and bike.

Now you know more about the island! Don’t let yourself wonder what it is going to look like! Let’s visit this island with us for the best experience! Check out our latest offer to discover Lombok in Lombok Group Trip or North Lombok Open Trip page.

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