Uniting Across Time and Space: DHL Team’s Unforgettable Journey to Lombok

In a world where time and space often act as dividers, these barriers are powerless in the face of unity and camaraderie from the DHL Team. Even if they are scattered across the vast archipelago of Indonesia, yet tightly bound by a shared purpose. The manifestation of this remarkable bond unfolded during the DHL DGF ID Goes to Lombok 2023 event, held from the 10th to the 12th of November, a collaborative effort with Kemana Yuk to orchestrate a gathering, gala dinner, and an immersive tour of the enchanting island of Lombok.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome, as each participant adorned a symbolic scarf necklace courtesy of Kemana Yuk, and indulged in delectable snacks, setting the tone for the harmonious days ahead.

Day 1: Internal Meetings and Sasak Traditional Cuisine

The first day of the DHL Team’s journey started as soon as we headed to the hotel through a scenic journey from the airport. After a delicious lunch, the team engaged in internal meetings that seamlessly integrated fun games, fostering team spirit in the cozy confines of the hotel. Kemana Yuk arranged a personalized internal meeting for the Senior Management Trainee with a perfect blend of business and pleasure vibe. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the group gathered for a delightful dinner at Roemah Langko, an experience that not only satisfied the taste buds but also provided a picturesque backdrop for meaningful conversations while enjoying delightful traditional cuisine.

Day 2: Rafting, Cultural Exploration, and Bohemian Night Gala

Nature Exploration in Lingsar

The second day unfolded with an array of diverse activities, designed to explore the richness of Lombok. The team embarked on a thrilling rafting adventure in Lingsar enjoying tasty fruits from durian to mangosteen. Rafting experience is all on another level! As we were having fun and wet, we also delved into the cultural tapestry of Sade Village for the staff team. Not only do we see the beauty of cultural practice, but we are also involved in the culture in person. After that, the whole group gathered to enjoy the beauty of Mandalika Beach Club to foster stronger bonding in Team Building activities. Another day’s highlight, however, was the visit to Merese Hill, where we together created memories in a wonderful exploration trip in Lombok.

Bohemian Night Party

The excitement did not wane as the team transitioned into the evening. A gala dinner, themed “Bohemian Night,” transformed the atmosphere into a canvas of unique expressions. Participants donned outfits as distinctive as their personalities, engaging in art performances and games that showcased talents and strengthened the bonds between team members. A sudden rain shower failed to dampen spirits, prompting an impromptu move to the ballroom where the celebration continued with a DJ-fueled party.

Day 3: Sasak Cultural Heritage Tour and Tantalizing Taliwang Chicken

Learning Weaving Culture in Sukarara Village

The final day saw the team delving into the rich cultural heritage of Lombok on a Sasak tour. The Dharma Sasak Tour provided insights into the intricate art of weaving and wearing traditional Sasak attire. The journey concluded with a mouthwatering lunch at Rumah Makan Ayam Taliwang, where the team indulged in the flavors of Taliwang Chicken, a delectable end to a memorable trip.

As the DHL Team dispersed once again across the Indonesian archipelago, the memories created in Lombok served as a powerful reminder that, indeed, time and space have no power to tear apart those united by a common purpose. The DHL DGF ID Goes to Lombok 2023 stands as a testament to the resilience of connections, the joy of shared experiences, and the indomitable spirit of a team united across distances.

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