Best 2023 Days Off Recommendation in Indonesia

Can’t believe 2023 is already about to enter April! But keep your chin up! Remember what people say “New Year New Story”! There are still many stories waiting for you this year! So, let’s get ready first! Choose the most suitable vacation schedule for you! The following are recommendations for the most suitable holiday dates that we have summarized only for you!


Intersect with the month of Ramadan this year, April is perfect for making holiday moments with family because it is filled with days off. April 21-26 is the holiday for Eid al-Fitr. Because the atmosphere of Eid and silaturahim moments are still warm, of course, it will be even better by going on a vacation together!


If you plan to take your office days off, the most suitable date recommendation is May 29-31! The reason is because after these dates, June 1 and 2 happen to be Pancasila and Vesak Day! Apart from that, June 3 and 4 are weekends, you know! Wow, you will feel as if it is the year end holidays! Hahaha..


If you want to take different holiday dates, there is still an option on July 19 which coincides with the Islamic New Year! So, you can take your days off on July 20 and 21 so you can have a longer holiday until the weekend on July 22 and 23! Mmmhh.. Sounds satisfying right!


Only have one day off? Relax, in August after the 17th you can choose to take your day off on August 18th which falls on a Friday so you can continue your holiday until Sunday! To give you another option, you can consider September 29, right after the Prophet Muhammad SAW’s mawlid celebration on September 28 so you can travel until Sunday too!


Always having work hours at the end of the year? Well, this is the most suitable holiday date of the month! December 25 and 26 coincide with Christmas Day, so you can choose to take days off from December 27 to 29 to enjoy your holidays until the New Year! Excellent!

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