6 Reasons to Visit Lombok

Well-known for its status as the host for several world class events such as World Superbike 2023, Lombok has more other reasons to be a must-visit place. From the wonderful marine life to the majesty of Mount Rinjani, this island has a lot to offer, both under and above the water. So, here are 6 reasons why you should visit Lombok.

1. Wonderful Underwater

Many divers call Lombok a diving paradise because of its marine life diversities. One of the most favorite spots is the three gilis (Gili Trawangan, Meno, Nanggu) where you can easily find sea turtles to dive with. There are also clownfish, white and black tip sharks, blue spotted stingrays, manta ray, and whale sharks that may pop up to greet you. 

2. Luxury Sunset and Sunrise View

After finishing out diving, you can enjoy the dramatic sunset view on Merese Hill. From the top you can directly see the wide ocean and vast orange sky along with the sunset that will give you the most relaxing moment with the wind blowing will surely take the world off of your shoulders.

3. World Class Circuit

If you have ever dreamed of being a rider on a motogp circuit, well finally you can! Trying out electric-bikes at Kuta Mandalika circuit will surely be fun! This destination is located next to Kuta Mandalika beach and is open to the public.

4. Traditional Customs

The people in Lombok are very welcome to tourists, you can also try traditional customs in Lombok such as weaving and presean, the traditional duel between two males to show their strength. You can do both in Sade Village.

5. Tasty Culinary

Visiting places may excite you in Lombok, but the cuisine surely will excite your tummy. It’s not hard to find tasty traditional food in Lombok, you can easily find it during your trip to your favorite destination. For example, if you are heading to Sembalun, you can find Bakso Kopang, Ayam Rarang, and Ubi Manis Jenggik.

6. Various Destinations

There are many places that you can choose to visit in Lombok. Starting from waterfalls, beaches, underwater, mountains, and villages. So, if you want to visit Lombok make sure you know where to go first! Unless, you will be confused of which place to start with! 

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