Best Days Off Recommendation in 2023

Can’t believe 2023 is already about to enter April! But keep your chin up! Remember what people say “New Year New Story”! There are still many stories waiting for you this year! So, let’s get ready first! Choose the most suitable vacation schedule for you! The following are recommendations for the most suitable holiday dates […]

Gili Trawangan Is Not Bali!

“I want to visit Gili Trawangan in Bali”, “I love Bali because of its Gili Trawangan”, “Hey, you have to visit Bali, there is a place called Gili Trawangan” Known for its exotic attractions, Gili Trawangan became so famous in travelers’ ear. However, many of them think that Gili Trawangan is in Bali. If you […]

6 Reasons to Visit Lombok

Well-known for its status as the host for several world class events such as World Superbike 2023, Lombok has more other reasons to be a must-visit place. From the wonderful marine life to the majesty of Mount Rinjani, this island has a lot to offer, both under and above the water. So, here are 6 […]