Healing Trip to the Dreamy Land: Group Stay at Bobocabin Gunung Rinjani, Lombok

Are you in search of a rejuvenating journey, one that can calm both your body and spirit by immersing you in an environment draped in white, fresh fog and whimsical clouds embracing the hills and mountains? If so, I know just the place—a unanimously acclaimed haven, renowned for its healing and dreamlike qualities. It’s Sembalun, nestled in the elevated terrains of Lombok, celebrated for its breathtaking scenery and tranquil atmosphere. The village offers an escape into nature’s embrace, where every corner boasts picturesque landscapes that seem straight out of a dream. With its sweeping vistas of the majestic Mount Rinjani, opting to stay at Bobocabin Sembalun becomes the ideal sanctuary for relaxation during your ethereal Sembalun excursion. Resting amidst such serene surroundings allows you to recharge and fully immerse yourself in the beauty that Sembalun generously bestows upon its visitors.

Part 1: Get to Know the Best Option to stay in Sembalun, Bobocabin

Majestic Rinjani View Entrance

Bobocabin’s “Welcoming Gate”
Mount Rinjani View from Bobocabin
 Mount Rinjani View from Bobocabin

Upon arrival at the entrance, you’re met with the awe-inspiring sight of Mount Rinjani, the sole and majestic peak in view. Positioned conveniently close to the village center and adjacent to the main road, reaching the location was a breeze. Its nearness to other tourist spots adds to its accessibility, allowing for easy exploration of the surrounding attractions. Checking in is a swift process, facilitated through the Bobobox App, with the staff readily available to guide you through everything you need to settle in comfortably. Our group experienced absolute comfort and found all essential amenities during our stay in the executive cabin. The well-appointed cabin ensured that every requirement was met, making our time here truly delightful and hassle-free.

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Sunny Day in Sembalun

What an enchanting path to paradise, greeted by a crisp, refreshing breeze that instantly transported us into a fairytale realm. This picturesque sight unfolded right beyond the lobby, a short distance from our reach to the executive cabin. The cabin boasted two cozy beds catering to four adults and two children, securing our serene journey with no worries about finding a place to rest. The interior was adorned with thoughtful amenities, ensuring our comfort throughout the stay. Surrounded by such beauty, we felt truly embraced by tranquility, making our dreamy escape an unforgettable experience.


Executive Cabin

Enhancing your relaxation and stay is the innovative smart cabin, featuring adjustable mood lighting and natural sounds that greet you upon entry, setting the perfect ambience. Whether you opt to unwind immediately or freshen up, this space is fully prepared to welcome you. The mesmerizing atmosphere and scenic views within the cabin can be enjoyed at any time, offering a serene retreat amidst nature’s embraces. With ample power outlets available, capturing moments with your devices is hassle-free, eliminating worries about nearby sockets in this digital age. Moreover, high-speed Wi-Fi coverage ensures access to excellent online entertainment and keeps you connected to loved ones, allowing for a seamless digital experience.

For group stays, the queen-size bed can be expanded to cover the extra space shown in the photo, ensuring optimal comfort for everyone. Additionally, the outdoor cabin area provides a private spot to relax, complete with a bench for enjoying snacks or engaging in enjoyable conversations with companions. Whether inside or outside the cabin, every aspect is designed to elevate your experience and offer a delightful stay.


Sunset and Dinner

Orange Sky in Sembalun

As twilight cast its gentle glow, it reaffirmed the notion that our worries pale in comparison to our dreams. The mesmerizing spectrum of orange hues during sunset once again grounded us, emphasizing the serene solace such moments bring to the soul. Nights at Bobocabin unfolded as some of our most cherished times. Amidst the tranquil ambiance, there lay an array of options—ordering meals, drinks, or arranging a bonfire. The menu offered exciting experiences like roasting corn and marshmallows. Opting for the grilled beef meal not only satisfied our hunger but also provided an engaging grilling experience, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to our dinner gatherings. Each night was a delightful mix of laughter, flavors, and shared stories, making our stay even more memorable.

Part 2: Exploring Sembalun and Morning Activity

View from Bukit Selong, Sembalun

Bukit Selong is unquestionably a not-to-miss activity; witnessing the breathtaking sunrise illuminate the hills and rice fields amidst vegetable farming is a remarkable experience. Situated just 3.9 km away from the cabin, this location is easily accessible and a definite must-visit. Here, the spectacle of fresh fog gracefully dancing around the trees, gliding across the fields, and tenderly embracing the hills is nothing short of magical. The serenity of watching locals starting their day by tending to their farms or engaging in morning activities creates a calming, soothing, and heartwarming atmosphere. Capturing moments here would make it seem like you’ve stepped into a wonderland, a place where the toil of hard work transforms into something beautiful, and where you can always rejuvenate before continuing your journey forward. Bukit Selong offers not just a stunning view but an experience that truly enriches the soul.

Commencing the day with breakfast and tea, accompanied by books and gadgets, established a delightful morning routine. The serene morning breeze complemented our appetite, and the precisely timed breakfast served before our cabin added an element of enchantment. Sharing this meal post-exploration of the hill forged an even stronger bond among my friends and me. Engaging in discussions about sleep, our present lives, and sharing lighthearted jokes infused our reunion with a comforting warmth, despite the prolonged separation. Our stay here truly elevated our occasional gatherings into something uniquely special and captivating.

Fresh Breakfast in Bobocabin

Balancing personal care routines with leisurely moments spent with a book and a cup of tea felt like a serene retreat. Peering through the window, directly capturing the view of Mount Rinjani, evoked a sense of rejuvenation, not just for the day ahead but for the adventure’s life holds. Each word absorbed and each page turned etched lasting memories, interwoven with our exploration of diverse chapters.

Enveloped in a dreamy journey amidst the breathtaking white clouds and mist, the gentle, cool breeze not only revitalized my body but also lifted my spirit from the depths of sorrow. Let’s have a visit to Bobocabin Sembalun for more intimate experience with Kemana Yuk in our Sembalun Open Trip for 3D2N. For more info whatsapp us now! For more interesting trip stories, click here!

Article author: Anisya Alistasya

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