FIFGROUP CR Division Team Outing In Lombok

Productivity in the office is usually the top priority in maximizing company achievements. But if meetings are always held in the office, it will not necessarily increase work enthusiasm. That’s why changing the meeting environment occasionally is necessary to create a more exciting atmosphere! Just like our story with FIF GROUP CR Division! Meeting while having a trip? Sure, why not!

The meeting is different from the previous ones because this one is held in Lombok! It is even more exciting because it involves the whole office! And it’s not just about changing the location, of course, this outing aims to enhance the bonding among CR Division members to support productivity in the office! Some of the activities we do during the outing include trying out the Mandalika circuit, playing mini games on Gili, and having a meeting to enhance collaboration!


Who says office workers can’t be racers? Conquering the Mandalika circuit is not as difficult as it seems for the CR Division members. Electric biking in this circuit is one of the most exciting activities that you can try together! Although not as professional as Marc Marquez and others, at least you can realize that you have potential aside from your skill in the office world, right? Hihii..

Electric biking in Mandalika Circuit. Most beautiful circuit hosting MotoGP & Superbike.
Meet the lady racers of Mandalika circuit.

But our excitement doesn’t stop there! Enjoying the natural beauty of the most sought-after tourist destination in Lombok, Gili Trawangan, is also equally exciting! Laughing together with your colleagues whom you may have never known their true self is guaranteed to come out here! With mini-games prepared by the Kemana Yuk team, you must be prepared to see people’s characters whom you might have thought were ‘quiet’ turn out to be really fun! Hihii..

Snorkling in Gili Trawangan

After getting to know your office friends better, this is certainly the perfect time to create collaboration together! Yup, a series of events that end with a meeting to improve the company’s strategic planning will certainly not fail after everyone gets to know each other’s characters and potentials! Surely the collaboration made will be very maximal!

Chill on the pool side of Vila Ombak Gili Trawangan

Well, for those of you who are interested in increasing your office productivity, you can definitely try activities outside the office! To make it simpler, just contact us! Let’s improve your team bonding together with Kemana Yuk!

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