Majalaya Hospital Team Outing In Lombok

On 2 September 2022, Majalaya Hospital doctors and staffs from Bandung visited Lombok for three days and two nights. Let’s follow their story exploring Lombok!

First Day

On the first day, we went straight to Ende village, a traditional Sasak village where the people still live on mats on floors made of earth and treated with cow dung. We learned about the indigenous culture of the community and also tried the peresean tradition, people said that this could make the rain would come quickly (well, we have mba Rara’s rival then 🤭).

Team picture in front of Ende traditional house.
Learn to sew traditional woven.

From Ende, we moved to the Seger Hills to see the beauty of the Mandalika Circuit which is said to be the most beautiful circuit in the world, and it really is beautiful. The most fun part of the first day was eating Taliwang Chicken, and thank God it all went into our stomachs without leftovers.

Team picture in front of Mandalika circuit which regarded as one of the most beautiful circuit hosting MotoGP and Superbike.
Happy faces after eating ayam taliwang. All plates are clean!

Second Day

On the second day, we were all set to meet turtles and fish in the sea. Well, Lombok’s beauty is not only on the land but also the extraordinary underwater beauty. We travelled to Gili Trawangan, which most people claimed as a must visit destination in Lombok, we spent our time by cycling and traveling around the island until sunset, indeed the sunset is incredibly beautiful. Especially at night, BBQ-ing with Lobster and crab menus makes us don’t want to stop chewing.

Come and hug me turtle!
Horse riding in Gili Trawangan.
Barbeque time in Gili Trawangan.

Third Day

Unfortunately, it’s only three days journey and we have to go back. That’s okay because every one was heading back to Lombok and the airport with a happy and satisfied heart!

So happy and see you again!

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