FIFGROUP Team Outing In Bali

Uniting Members Across Indonesia

As FIF Group approaches a momentous milestone, the company is preparing to celebrate its highly anticipated anniversary in a remarkable way. This year, the company has chosen the breathtaking island of Bali as the center for its grand celebration on 7th and 8th of June, aiming to unite all its members from various regions across the vast archipelago of Indonesia, including Aceh, Manado, Papua, and more. Employees, heads of office, branch managers, board of directors, partners, and high-achieving staffs are all eagerly preparing to gather in this tropical paradise where they will not only reflect on the company’s remarkable journey but also foster a stronger sense of camaraderie and unity among all who have contributed to the success of the company.


Welcoming Day

On the first day, all members are welcomed with flower necklaces making the environment warm and friendly. The exploration started by having lunch at Bebek Bengil, Nusa Dua. Eating fresh and tasty menus that surely raise the curiosity to explore all the cuisine of Bali, but this is just a beginning. Because our lunch is not only made by the lunch menu but also snacks and beverages which are very unfortunate to miss.

Hello Bali!


Witnessing The Sacred Dance of Kecak

The first destination that we visit after the welcoming event at Bebek Bengil is Melasti beach. The afternoon sun that is starting to go down makes the view very wonderful! Our sight is filled with golden rays making our experience more enchanted. As the sky turns purple, it is the sign that the sacred dance of Kecak is going to start and everyone gathers to see the performance. As they start to dance while the sun goes down, the ambiance of Melasti beach changes from enchanting to illuminating which will give you an unforgettable experience as in Uluwatu.

Hanoman in action in Kecak Dance show.
Cheers with the Kecak Dance crews.


ATV Ride & Rafting

As the saying goes “tomorrow will be better”, our challenge on this island also becomes greater because we have to pass challenging tracks such as rivers, muds, and uneven ground. Surprisingly, we also have to pass a cave that ends with water falling on top of us! Marvelous! As the challenge gets bigger, our excitement gets bigger too! And directly we tried to enjoy the river and forest by rafting. So fresh!

Ride through the dragon belly!
Get wet and get brave!


Black Lava Jeep

Our second day is not finished yet! After playing with muds and waters, we engaged in an exhilarating activity, exploring the captivating landscapes of Bali in a Black Lava Jeep. As we traverse the rugged terrains, we can’t help but be amazed by the breathtaking views that surround us. The contrasting hues of lush greenery against the black lava formations create a surreal sight that leaves us in awe. The combination of thrilling exploration and stunning scenery makes this experience truly remarkable, and we are left with cherished memories of our time in Bali.

Cool pose on the jeep!


Gala Dinner

Having ourselves exhausted from thrilling outdoor activities, we moved to an elegant gala dinner. The gala dinner had the theme of “Strong Collaboration with Partner for Sustainability Performance: Collection, Remedial, & Recovery Management Division” exceeded our expectations with an amusing organization to strengthen the collaboration within the attendees. 

Collaboration is the key to unlocking huge success and achieving extraordinary results. By embracing collaboration, the team will unleash a powerful force that propels us forward with increased efficiency and productivity. By harnessing diverse skills and perspectives, ideas flow freely, sparking innovation and propelling projects to new heights. Besides, the ability to adapt and flex in a collaborative environment ensures that you can navigate any challenge that comes your way. Furthermore, when individuals feel valued, engaged, and motivated, they are driven to achieve exceptional outcomes.

The atmosphere became even more euphoric as we participated in games and eagerly awaited the announcement of the door prize worth hundreds of millions of rupiahs. The attendees are also entertained by music performances from band & soloist, remarkable talents! As you know, the events will not be completed without perfect documentation! So, we are enjoying a 360 photo booth to create memories. The night seems to stick at that time as we cherish each other until we are not realizing the time comes to an end of the event. The gala dinner became a perfect blend of adventure and elegance, creating unforgettable memories that we will cherish for years to come.

Gala dinner opened with traditional Bali dance.


Listen to the thoughts of our leader.


Farewell is not a farewell without visiting souvenir shops to buy gifts to remember your beautiful moments, right? We also visit the most valuable gift shop to see everything that might be interesting for us to take home. And after finding the one that we are looking for, well, it’s bittersweet to admit that it’s now time to bid farewell and return home, but there is no room for sadness because we are going home with a heart filled with happiness, satisfaction, and laughter! Thanks to the wonderful trip and event organizing teams! Yup, everything is handled well by Kemana Yuk! Where you don’t need to take care of anything during the events! 

Never say good bye!

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