Corporate Retreat in Bali: A Glimpse into Bank Indonesia’s Innovative 3-Day Trip

In an era where corporate culture significantly influences productivity and employee satisfaction, companies are encouraged to invest in off-site retreats that combine both work and pleasure. A standout example of this trend is Bank Indonesia’s recent 3-day retreat in Bali, which not only aimed to foster team spirit but also to celebrate the rich cultural tapestry of the ASEAN region. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the activities and highlights of the retreat.

Day 1: Arrival and In-House Training

The retreat kicked off with a warm welcome at Ngurah Rai International Airport, setting a hospitable tone for the event. Participants were greeted with a warm ambiance of Bali and ethnic scarf crafted by local artisans. After the initial welcoming, the group headed to a premier conference facility for an in-house training session. This session was designed to align the team’s goals for the year, introduce new corporate initiatives, and facilitate an open dialogue among staff members about their roles and expectations. The day concluded with a relaxed dinner where employees could mingle in an informal setting.

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Day 2: Team Building and Cultural Gala

The second day was meticulously orchestrated to combine team-building activities with cultural immersion at Alas Harum, a locale rich in nature and engaging experiences. Surrounded by lush landscapes, it feels as if one is cradled in the arms of the wilderness.

Our day began with an exploration of the local coffee culture followed by a gentle trek to the Soekarno statue—an integral part of our team-building exercise. As we meandered through tranquil rice fields, the serenity of the area provided a refreshing backdrop. Along the way, we discovered numerous picturesque spots perfect for capturing memorable moments on camera. Upon arriving at the venue, we paused to soak in the peaceful surroundings.

Treasure Hunt

The highlight of the day was the treasure hunt. We were split into multiple groups, each tasked with uncovering hidden treasures by deciphering a series of clues. This adventure took us through the verdant estate, pitting us against each other in a friendly but spirited competition. It was an excellent opportunity to enhance our teamwork and strategic planning skills while having a great deal of fun. The camaraderie and collective effort led to lasting memories.






Following the exhilarating treasure hunt, we gathered for a delightful lunch accompanied by a live music performance, which perfectly complemented the idyllic ambiance. This blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural engagement made the day truly unforgettable.

Our activity did not stop there, we then went to visit Pasar Seni Baru to see arts from local artisans. As we’re in very good vibe, we marched there in VWs, everything was so nice!

Post exploration, the team returned to prepare for the evening’s grand event: A Gala Dinner themed “DInters’ ASEAN Fever”. This celebration was not only a feast but a colorful exhibition of ASEAN cultures. Employees dressed as characters from various ASEAN countries, including popular figures like Upin and Ipin from Malaysian cartoons, and donned traditional attires such as the Filipino Barong, Kebaya, many more. The night was a vibrant showcase of talents with performances ranging from dance, comedic skits, to singing competitions, underscoring the diverse talents within the organization.

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Day 3: Departure

The final day was reserved for relaxation, allowing everyone to take home memories of Bali. We had breakfast to enjoy the last day and commemorate the last day we spent together in this Goddess Island.

Bank Indonesia’s retreat in Bali exemplifies how a well-thought-out corporate trip can enhance teamwork, celebrate cultural diversity, and boost morale. By integrating meaningful work sessions with cultural appreciation and team-building activities, the retreat has set a high standard for corporate events, providing a replicable model for other organizations aiming to nurture a collaborative and inclusive workplace culture. Have something on your mind for Company trip? Let’s go with Kemana Yuk!

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