Rinjani Mountain

If you’re more into adventure person, then hiking to Mount Rinjani is a must for you. Famous for its amazing view, many people often call it as paradise. For those who have ever climbed this mountain, want to climbed over and over again because of its beauty. They said Rinjani left them speechless.

The hike can be started from Sembalun, one of the entrance routes towards Mount Rinjani National Park. You have to prepare your camera to be ready, to capture all the views that you will get since the very beginning of your hiking journey. You will see the beautiful savanna, forest, or even the fascinating hills around you. Not to mention the magnificent Sembalun, the famous Segara Anakan Crater, until you reached the top of Mount Rinjani. You can even see a beautiful sunset, either when you go up to the top, or when you go back down. If you want, you can stay longer on the top to wait for the sunset.

In the other words, you have to go there to see by yourself. This mountain is really really a must place to visit in Indonesia. The pictures that I shared are still far from the real beauty that you will see there. After all, eyes are the best camera, which can capture all of the beauty, much much better than any camera in the world. Yeah, nothing can beat the greatest of God’s creation.

To go up, you don’t need to be expert in mountain climbing. Basically everyone can climb the mountain, as long as you have a good preparation, something like doing some exercises or workout before climbing, prepare the stuffs needed, collect information as much as you can get, then you must be okay. For experts, climbing Rinjani can be done around 3 days. However, for beginners, it may take slower, and may be done up to 5 days. So it’s better to know yourself, and then make a good preparation for how many days you think you’re capable of.


The difficult route


Climbing to the top of the mountain that has 3726 mdpl high is not that easy. There will be many ups and downs, many steep paths, or even sandy and slippery slopes. Not to mention the cold weather. You will feel very very tired, you will have many times temptation to give up, and then sacrifice the view up there. But if you keep walking and trying to break your limit, a really really amazing view is waiting for you!


When you’re hiking, your patience will also be tested. Not only the irritating hiking routes, but your solidarity and togetherness will also be tested. You may have different level, different thought, or different personality each other, then a conflict may arise because of this. But all you have to remember is, you have one goal: REACH THE TOP.


“The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready.” – Henry David Thoreau



Everything will be paid off


After you reached the top of Rinjani, you will realize that what you’ve been through will be paid off. You will be amazed by the stunning view of the whole of Lombok Island, Mount Tambora Sumbawa, Mount Agung Bali, and also several Gili Islands. Watching those views from the top, with the view of a clear sky, white clouds, and the beautiful sunrise, your will understand that hiking to Mount Rinjani is really worth the suffering. Indeed, nothing worth having comes easy.

Reaching the top of Rinjani can be tough, especially for a beginner. A guided tour is recommended, even for the expert or advance people, because the hike is not that easy, as there are different routes along the way up to the volcano.  You can also book a Rinjani tour, and we suggest Kemanayuk.com as a travel service. Kemanayuk provides a Rinjani trekking tour, either for beginner, intermediate, or advance people. Their staffs are really professional and have many years experiences as a travel service provider.  If you go to Lombok, make sure that Rinjani is not the place that you miss! Or maybe you have an amazing, unique, or unforgettable experience in hiking to Rinjani? Please share on the comment section below or our social media. We wait for your story!


“The mountains are calling, and I must go.” – John Muir


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