3 Gilis

Gili Air

Gili Air is the nearest Gili to Lombok and also the most populated one. You will gind more trees there than the other Gilis. The local inhabutants are Sasak, Mandar, Bugis and Makassar. You can find their unique blending culture that is different from Lombok. Besides, you can also see wonderful beaches. Many of the older generation still make their living as boatman, fisherman and coconut farmer.

Located just off the northwest coast of Lombok, Gili Trawangan is a global reputable paradise, stays on the top rank alongside Bali and Borobudur as one of Indonesia’s top tourism destinations. If you’ve ever heard Gili Islands, which consist of three beautiful islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air), Gili Trawangan is the biggest and the most developed island compared to the other Gilis. Famous for its natural beauty and great atmosphere, Gili Trawangan is a good alternative to Bali. So for those who feel that Bali is too touristy, then going to Gili Islands is the best choice.

Gili Meno

Gili Meno, the middle island, is the smallest one among the other Gilis. It is the quitest Gili with fewer tourists, a suitable great escape for honeymooners or someone who wants to get away from a regular life. Special features of the island are the salt lake and spectacular dive sites such as Meno Wall, Sea Turtle Point and Blue Coral Point.

Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the tourism icon of Lombok. Its beautiful white sand beach, amazing underwater view, great and fun nightlife, make this place a perfect destination to escape from your daily life. If you go there, you will see that more foreigners compared to local people, meaning that people who visited Gili Trawangan, want to stay longer and longer. Once you go there, believe me, you really don’t want to leave.


Things to Do

Gili Trawangan has everything you need for your vacation. In this island, you can do many activities, depending on what type of person you are.


  1. Party

If you’re more into party people, then Gili Trawangan has a lot of Bars or Pubs that can guarantee you will have so much fun. Here are the suggestions:

  • Monday night: Blue Marlin
  • Wednesday night: Tir Na Nog (Irish pub)
  • Friday night: Rudy’s pub
  • Saturday night: Sama-Sama Reggae Bar


Don’t forget to go to Jiggy Jig’s Pregame Bar, where you can find “Jiggy Jig’s Drinking Challenge”. So you can join this challenge by trying to drink as fast as you can for their selection of signature cocktails and shots. Try to break the fastest record! Also don’t miss the Drunken Monkeyz boat party as well. Does it sound really fun?


  1. Cycling around the island

In Gili Trawangan, it’s not allowed to use any kind of vehicles. If you want to explore the island, you can rent bicycles or cidomo, a small horse-drawn carriage used in Lombok and the Gili Islands. The best time to explore is either early morning, to catch a sunrise on the east side, or waiting for the sunset in the evening because it would be extremely hot in the afternoon. But if you like the sun, then cycling around in the afternoon is not a problem for you.


Have you ever tried swinging right in the middle of the ocean? It’s the time for you to try your first experience! If you’re waiting for the sunset, don’t forget to take a picture with the famous swing. You can find the swing standing in the ocean off the northern coast of Gili Trawangan, at Hotel Ombak Sunset. But do not be surprised to see a long queue!


  1. Snorkeling and Diving

If you ask for underwater experience, then Gili Trawangan is a good choice. Either you want to go snorkeling or diving, they have plenty of places that provide those services. You don’t have to bring any equipment because you can rent also from them. Our experience using Trawangan Dive was good. Their staffs are so nice and professional. They can speak Indonesian and English (also other languages) very well, as their staffs and  instructors are also from different countries. So we recommend you to use their service. If you’re an experienced diver, try to join UV night diving. Unbelievable unusual experience! You’ll be amazed by how beautiful the underwater view from your diving experience. You can see pink scorpion fish, yellow shrimps and moray eels, turtles, orange crabs, colored corals, and many more!


  1. Other activities

For you who like to do yoga, there’s a place named Yoga Place. They provide variety of yoga classes and meditation, and have Garden Cafe, for those who are vegetarian.

For culinary, try eating Lombok’s traditional foods at night market. It also has variety of foods, and it’s much cheaper compared to other restaurants near the beach. If you prefer to have a nice or luxury place to seat, you can try in many cafes and restaurants near the beach. It would be more expensive, but you can get an awesome view. It’s really nice to just sit and relax, enjoying the view of the beach, while sometimes listening to music, or just doing nothing.


Where to Stay

Actually a lot of choices for accommodation, ranging from cheap accommodation to the luxury resort. Here are some suggestions for unique accommodations in Gili Trawangan:


  1. La Cocoteraie Ecolodge

Stay at this natural luxury tented resort in Gili Trawangan. With the concept of back to nature, staying in La Cocoteraie Ecolodge should not to be missed. It combines the outdoor vacation, environmental friendly, and unique way of living.


  1. Jambuluwuk Hotel and Resort

With many choices of accommodation to suit any range of budgets, Jambuluwuk Oceano Resort in Gili Trawangan is a good choice. With a beachfront bar, sports bar and banquet restaurant, you’ll have a perfect holiday here. (And you’ll never miss a game!)


  1. D’Wahana Resort

Looking for a Lumbung style bungalow in Gili Trawangan? D’Wahana Resort is located just a 5-minute walk from Sunset Point. Just look at the pool in front of unique bungalow. How could you resist not to stay in this place?


  1. Villa Ombak

The concept of Hotel Villa Ombak is a mix between the traditional Sasak architecture of Lombok with modern style in a unique way. It is the first international standard 5 star resort style hotel in Gili Trawangan. They offer a wide range of room types, luxury restaurant and spa facilities, a dive centre, etc.

So those are the guide if you want to go to Gili Trawangan. For suggestion, Kemanayuk.com provides Gili Trawangan tour package with flexible schedule and places. Kemanayuk also provides other Gilis tour that are not too touristy. Their staffs are professional and have many years experiences as a travel planner. Go to our homepage to see our wide range of packages.

After those stories, have you put Gili Trawangan as your next trip destination? Or if you have visited there, what do you think about Gili Trawangan? and how was you experience? Feel free to leave a comment or share your stories! We’d be glad to hear from you.




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